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Pat's Promise

The city of Jonesboro deserves to have a leader who is dedicated to fostering an economically strong and culturally rich community that embraces diversity and the key values treasured by its residents.


My plan is to continue advancing the city forward in a progressive manner while maintaining its ambience and small town vibe.


Key Issues

Here’s an overview of the key issues facing Jonesboro that Councilwoman Sebo-Hand is dedicated to addressing as Mayor of Jonesboro. 



Over the past 8 years the city of Jonesboro has seen growth through Economic Development as well as growth through annexation. Along with this growth comes the need for additional housing. I will continue to work with Council and Staff to make certain that we bring in appropriate and sustainable housing projects.

Public Library

The demolition of our only public library by the county has had a tremendous impact on our residents. This is a priority of mine, and I will continue to aggressively partner with the county to replace this necessary resource.


City Infrastructure


My goal is to continue working with the Georgia Department of Transportation and the county regarding road improvements by seeking grants such as the Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant to immediately address areas such as Jonesboro Road. I will also collaborate with the Clayton County Water Authority as we address wastewater management, our aging water infrastructure specifically as it relates to stormwater runoff, and crumbling underground pipes.

Park Upgrades


The city currently has four parks: Dickson, Massengale, Battleground, and Lee Street. Except for Dickson, all of these parks are utilized with Lee Street seeing the most activity. I will be seeking to complete minor and major upgrades to our parks through the county CDBG and possible other grants. Upgrades will range from minor equipment replacement and ADA playground equipment, to the study of a skate park.

Smart City Plan


The city of Jonesboro currently has many of the key elements of a Smart City such as water, electricity, sanitation, public transportation, housing, education, safety and security. What we don’t have is robust IT connectivity throughout the city. I intend to partner with our city, county and state officials as well as other stakeholders to make this a priority.

Putting Jonesboro
on the Map

A diverse community is a thriving community, and as the county seat it is imperative that Jonesboro be that example for the rest of Clayton County. From our small to large businesses, from one end of Main Street to the other and East and West of it, we are no longer that hidden jewel of Clayton County but a guiding light.

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